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Keas is all about fun!

Year 1 - 3            Age 5 - 8
Learning and friendship are an important
part of the Kea programme. Keas do a little bit
of everything: outdoor activities,
games, and crafts. 


Cubs is about adventure!

Year 4 - 6            Age 7 - 11
The cubs programme is about challenging
yourself while having fun. Cubs start to
participate in more outdoor activities
like hiking, weekend camps and water activities 

Scouts is about leadership and Self Confidence!

Year 6 - 10            Age 10 - 15
Scouts is about learning leadership skills,
self-confidence and making connections through
outdoor adventures. 

Venturers is about real experiences for youth!

Year 10 - 13            Age 14 - 19
The Venturer programme is hands-on, with lots of
exciting experiences for youth to step up their leadership
skills and the chance tostart running their own activities.